About me

Due to the difficulties opdating webbsite regulary on the internet here from Africa, Pleace go direct to the bottom of the blog, here you can find the update from my Facebook profile Cape 2 cape.

Personal background:

My name is Flemming E. Jorgensen,

I was born 1951 in Denmark, I lived for a few of years in Sweden in the sixties. After finishing scool, I joined  the Danish army.

In 1980 i got my certificate as skilled butcher in one of Europes biggest food industries. Since 1983 I have been managing international companies in the food and furniture industries.

Presently I work as a consultant in the field of co-operation and development of well-being in the workplace.

In my private time, I exercise and try to keep my mind and body in fair shape.

I have a great family, six kids and six grandkids.

A great big thank you to them, and not least, my wonderful wife, for giving me this fantastic opportunity to explore a great part of Europe and Africa one my own hand.

Journey background:

Many  have asked me -Why?

The answer is not simple, but my main reasons to go are: An old dream has become fulfillable, I want to challenge my capabilities and I want to mark my entrance into the "third season of life", hopefully with a great deal of stories to tell my grandchildren. I hope this journey also will enable me to raise ressources for charity.

My dream started to take shape in my mind long ago, to be specific, it started back in 1999, when I with my family traveled from Denmark to Nord Kapp in Norway.

Standing at this point, I thought that it would be a fantastic adventure riding on a motorbike sometime in the future, - that future has become now!

Planning this adventure started back in 2012. Very soone I realized that the dream of mine, also had to include going around Europe and go to south of Africa. So - why not go to the Nord Kapp, and from there, as far I can get on the continent before the South Pole, - Cape Agulhas the most southern tip of South Africa.....


I dont have much experience traveling the African continent, so I need to make some serious planning and reading up on history, language and facts about the African continent and its very diverse cultures.

I plan to leave Denmark May 2015, and expect the adventure to end late september 2015.

I have decided to drive south through West Africa, and from Cape Town through East Africa to Etiopia, from there go west through the Sahel south of Sahara to Algeria and Tunesia and back to Europe by boat to Sicilia and back home.

Find more details about my route here.

Dont wait for me, I'll manage :)t


A great part of my preparation and inspiration, have been reading pile of books and article about Overland traveling in Africa. I found lots of inspiration and very good advice from all of them. 

I have been so fortunate, geting into contact whit some of those travelers and writers, who has already been there and seen it all. - Tried to suffer from heat and heavy rain, harassment and annoyances while crossing borders, engine problems and puncturing in the middle of the dessert and so on, it has been a great inspiration and a gift to me. Tanks a lot to every one of you.

The list of books is long, but here are some books I would like to recommend.

Title:                                              Writer:                              Publisher:

Et andet Afrika                                  Karsten Bidstrup                   Aschehoug

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook      Chris Scott                            Trailblazer

Sahara Overland                               Chris Scott                            Trailblazer

Traveling guidebooks (many)             Different on location               Lonely Planet

Running whit the moon                     Jonny Bealby                          Cornerstone

Fra Cape til Cairo                              Hjalte Tin/Nina Rasmussen      Gyldendal

Jupiters travels                                 Ted Simon                              Jupitalia Product

In search of greener grass                 Graham Field                          Matador

Out of Africa/ Den Afrikanske farm     Karen Blixen                           Gyldendal

Afrikanske rejser                              Ryszard Kapuscinski                Ibenholt