Uge 19

April: Offroad Cource in Oxbøl by Vejes, -alias. Soren K Veje and Co. instuktor Peter Riber, Who is also the photographer.

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Instruction for the program by Søren Veje       How to sit rigth up on the bike.                        Program started whith slalom on grass.           Uuups! Up again...         

Passing didge...                                             On more of the kind                                      Ahhhh... The Westcoast                             Up standing on the pegs....OOOK

Due to the difficulties opdating webbsite regulary on the internet here from Africa, Pleace go direct to the bottom of the blog, here you can find the update from my Facebook profile Cape 2 cape.

   But what the ....                      Anakee road tyre in sand? - Not a good cobination at all!    Here we go...Down                  Nice roling ower, and up again.......


    A fantastic day, lots of new skills.... and very tired at the end of the day.   

Early april. paticipated in a drive and manoeuvre cource/school at JyllandsRingen, together with almost 60 other bikers. It whas realy an eyeopener. Must admit, that my skills has become realy improved in those two days. Proffesional instructors and many good advice from other bikers, a fantastic day.

The first instruction in group A.             Skills improving driving slalom i rain.     I learned that the paniers also is part      Evaluatiton after every 20 minute of

                               of the bike, lucky it's not a big stone.      practise   

January: Bikermeeting at Borbjerg Mill near Holstebro

“Biker meeting” Borbjerg Mølle January 2015

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 of January, around 300 bikers from almost every part of Denmark, was together at Borbjerg Mill, near Holstebro for the 7’ent annual “Borbjerg Mølle Kro – Biker event”

It was a great success, everyone contributed whit joy, good mode and great humor during the entire program, starting whit welcoming al, and coffee whit homemade “kringle”.

Esther Jensen, owner of the Borbjerg Mill – told about her eksperience and traveling adventure through 30 different countries on six continents over the last 8 years, every great story illustrated by fantastic scenic photo.

Christine Stephansen told about her single ride around in Chile, wow… it takes guts to travel as single girl in this remote territory, but afraid…never! Christine also told about the warm relations and friendship she got during her adventure, and her story nicely illustrated by spectacular photos. Christine is going back late this year to fulfill her adventure in Chile, good luck!

In between, everyone enjoyed the “biker Burger” served with a very good cold beer.

Jørn Sørensen from JS travels told about his many motorcycle ride as tour operator to Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary and al the adventure, places and people he has learn to know trough more than 25 years living in Romania. Al story told whit great love and engagement to the adventure and the people on his way, told whit great humor and wink in his eyes. I am determined to go on one of this adventure when I’m back from Africa.

I had the great pleasure to make a presentation of my ideas and thoughts about my coming adventure journey from Cape2cape2wheels, and the preparation made to it. Thank you all for listening, thanks for all very good idea, suggestion and comment regarding to the journey. I,m looking forward to tell you all  about my experience next year, until then follow the journey on this website.