Due to the difficulties opdating webbsite regulary on the internet here from Africa, Pleace go direct to the bottom of the blog, here you can find the update from my Facebook profile Cape 2 cape.

Sponsors and partners.

Preparing for my trip I have communicated and made arrangements with a lot of different media and specialized companies, in short, enterprises I found would share a mutually beneficial interest in supporting project Cape 2 Cape on 2 Wheels.

I have been given a lot of good advice and positive feedback, and consider my sponsors not only providers of highly specialized services, but valuable partners in this project.


January 1. 2004 Rune Bach-Andersen and brothers Kurt og Jan Møbjerg intiated MC dealership Xpedit.

Through the last ten years, a shared hobby and passion has expanded into Scandinavias largest BMW MC detail outlet. Xpedit also sells Kawasaki MCs, an extensive range of used MCs and a hugely diverse assortment of MC related equipment.

The people from Xpedit has from day one been positive and helpful, helping me out with test drives and photo shoots. This combined with a great bike and reasonable pricing really sealed the deal for me, choosing my 2-wheel companion.

Fitness ONE Haderslev

In order to undertake this journey, I must be in very good physical health. Bjarke from Fitness One has helped me with advice on what to eat, and how to train to get in best possible shape.

Bjarke has also adviced me on daily training routines during the trip.

Fitness One have the best equipment, best competence and always in the best atmosphere.


The deal is sealed, delivery by end of january.

Spejder Sport

Spejder sport was founded in 1945, at a time, where Danish scouts had difficulties getting the proper uniforms, due to lack of fabric, a group of enthusiastic people in Danish Scout corps decided to set up a business, where the scouts could buy uniforms and other equipment.

Now, where wildlife living, camping  and nature exploring has never been more popular, Spejder Sport has developed to a chain of stores, placed in most large cities in Denmark, from where they can deliver gear to any kind of outdoor activity.Every time you do your shopping in Spejder Sport, you support the work with children and young people.

ASIVIK - Spejder Sport own brand is carefully developed from the very beginning, and focusing on using recycled material, price for these product is very competitive against even more expensive brand. Most of my gear for my adventure cape2cape2wheels, is from Spejder Sport.

Thanks Troels Matz and co. for your interest and participation Cape2cape2wheels, I enjoyed paying you a visit in Ishøj and seeing one of the Spejder Sport Stores.

Schuberth Denmark

Schuberth Danmark A/S is the Danish importer of Schuberth helmet – quality helmet to all kinds of bikers.

Schuberth Denmark is part of Nic. Christiansen company, and are located in Vamdrup. The management of Schuberth Denmark are active bikers themselves, and test all products extensively, before the product is released on the Danish marked.

Schuberth is represented in MC-stores all over Denmark, each one picked out with care, to make sure that the costumer have the best personal service at any time. Some of the dealerships are picked out as service workshops, educated to build in communication equipment, and make minor repairs i.e.

Thanks to Claus Behn for taking an interest in Cape2cape2wheels, I’m looking forward to the cooperation with Schuberth Denmark with great pleasure.

RUKKA Defence & comfort

Good news.

Rukka have kindly agreed to supply me and my adventure with complete driving suits for evaluation and test. To make my journey safe and comfortable, it's essential for me wearing the right driving suits. On the journey it will be a struggle to cope with temperature difference from minus 10c to more than 45c. I am very pleased about the way Rukka responded upon my request, - fast, and positive and very constructive. Great thanks to Elina and Co.


You can follow my evaluation of the Rukka-outfit here.

Click Photo

My Adventure motorcycle riding from the highest in north, to the most southern point in South Africa, have to be well documented in every way and detail, by memory, by notes and by film and picture. I have made lots of investigation and question about this very important matter. Hove do I find the right camera, regarding to quality for both photo and film, size, weight and price? 

The good news is, that I came across Click Photo located in Ryesgade in Aarhus, and met Anders Kruger in charge of sale, I told Anders about my plans and needs for the journey, and he presented me for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 1000. Gosh,- that is a nice camera, meeting almost every need I have for the journey, and quite easy to handle. At least and not les, the price where right, and I got a very sharp deal whit Anders, thanks a lot for good service and advice, I can recommend a visit in the store warmly.

Kjaer Biler A/S in Haderslev is my first choice of supplier when it is coms to my car, I’m driving more than 75.000 km. each year in relation to my work, and it’s essential for me to drive with low cost, and with a high level of comfort and safety. I’m driving a Peugeot 508 Sedan, and for 3 years without any kind trouble at all. Always getting the best service from a very competent and skilled mechanic and salesforce, thanks to everybody for that.

Good news!


Kjaer Biler has kindly agreed to support my Overland travel cape2cape2wheels, by supplying my BMW r 1200 GS Adventure,  with the right kind of tyre for the whole trip, I am very grateful for this cooperation and interest in my project.


Taking about 1000 hours driving on a motorbike in consideration, I believe that quality earplugs is essential, regarding to have some reasonable hearing capability left when I’m back from my journey.

Good news!

Audiovox  is offering me a set of Audiovox MC ear protection plugs for my journey. I am very pleased about that, it make it possible to listening to my GPS, cellphone and even music and still enjoy the sound of the engine working under me. Great thanks to Keld for this opportunity to make a real life test in hard condition.